# Product Overview

Juphoon cloud one-to-one voice calling supports voice-only one-to-one single chat mode with two persons, providing developers with easy access, high sound quality, ultra-smooth, and low-latency voice call experience.

# Functions and scenarios



Use Cases

Video encryption and decryption

Customize the acquired video data and support the encryption algorithms of the third-party

Secure calling

Voice changer

Connect with third parties to process special effects on the sound by acquiring the original data of the media engine

Voice social entertainment, voice changer in chat rooms

Broadcast-grade sound quality

Use adaptive echo cancellation technology and super noise suppression, providing users with broadcast-grade sound quality

International calls, private chat rooms

Local recording

Access local or peer audio files

All use cases

# Key properties


Juphoon Voice Calling Specifications

Audio quality

Audio sampling rate: 16k ~ 48k,supporting single and dual channels

Audio anti-packet-loss rate

70% (uplink and downlink)


Global 200+ node deployment, guaranteeing excellent communication

# Compatibility

One-to-one voice calling supports iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, Linux, Web, and interconnectivity between platforms. See the table below for specific compatibility requirements.


Supported Version


8.0 and above


4.0 and above


XP and above


Desktop PC
  • Microsoft Edge 12

  • Google Chrome 59.0.3071.115 and above

  • Mozilla Firefox 54.0.1 and above

  • Opera 20 and above

  • Safari 11 and above

  • 360 7.1.2 and above (Speed mode)

  • Google Google Chrome 29 and above

  • Mozilla Firefox 24 and above

  • Wechat 7.0 and above

  • Safari 11 and above, and iOS 12+ only supports Safari

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